Rabbit Litter Box Training

Close up of two rabbits sitting in a litter box with hay

Have you ever wondered how to potty train a rabbit? Did you even know rabbits could be litter box trained? If this is news to you, we’re here to share all the details! Every rabbit who comes into our facility is trained to use a litter box through a very simple technique. It not only helps keep our facility clean, but it helps get rabbits adopted as well. Want to know the secret to rabbit litter box training? Continue reading!

How to Start

The real secret here is that there is no secret; rabbit litter box training is easy! Rabbits are naturally clean animals who don’t want to sit in or be around their waste. As such, they take to litter box training easily and you might surprised how quickly they pick it up. The best place to start is by getting a box that is the right size for your rabbit. Think like Goldilocks and get one that is not too big, not too small, but just the right size. Fill the box with clean pellets or shavings (not cat litter), and then let the training begin!

Be Strategic

The first step to training is to see where your rabbit naturally likes to go on their own. They usually pick corners to eliminate in, so we recommend starting there. Place the box in the corner and praise your rabbit when they use it. If you catch your bunny eliminating elsewhere in these early days, move the box to that location. You must be strategic and watch your rabbit carefully to learn where they go. Eventually, your bunny will catch on that the box is the best place to leave waste, and the rest stays clean!

A small black rabbit sits in her litter box surrounded by hay

Be Patient

Like with all types of training, patience is key. Your rabbit might not take to the box right away, and that’s okay. Continue to move the box around and praise your rabbit for eliminating correctly. Just like dogs or cats, rabbits enjoy treats and learn best with positive reinforcement. Also keep in mind that rabbits mark territory with poop pellets, so you may find some around the litter box or house. Luckily, healthy rabbit poops are hard, small, don’t smell, and easy to clean!

Work With Your Rabbit

Like we said, rabbits are naturally clean. As such, litter box training them is more like guidance. Follow your rabbit’s natural elimination habits and move the box accordingly. Eventually, your rabbit will litter box train themself as they are allowed access to more spaces. Add hay to the box as well to entice your bunny, and make sure to clean it regularly. Just like humans, rabbits don’t want a dirty bathroom!

Adopt a Rabbit

Now that you know rabbits can be litter box trained, perhaps you’re ready to adopt one?! All our rabbits are trained to use the potty using the technique listed above. You can continue to work with your rabbit at home as well. Just like with other pets, training your rabbit is a great way to keep them occupied, happy, and to bond! Check out all our adoptable rabbits right now and perhaps, you’ll fall in love!