Traveling Companions

*Update: We’ve been adopted!*

Hello everyone! It’s so nice to meet you! My name is Sir Felix Welix Bobelix, but you can just call me Felix for short. I am a handsome, two-year-old orange tabby cat who originally came from Dallas, TX. My traveling companion, best friend, and sister is named Lady Layla of the North. Of course, you can just call her Layla. She is a beautiful, two-year-old tortoiseshell who also came from Dallas. In fact, we were found together abandoned on the side of a road at only two months old. We don’t remember much before we were rescued, but now we’re so glad to be here in Maine. What a real journey these past two years have been!

New England Bound

Like I said, we were originally found in Texas. We grew up there and got accustomed to the heat and humidity that the Lone Star State often brings. We found our way into foster and enjoyed many afternoons napping, playing, and just being kittens together. I’m so happy that I’ve always had my sister by my side! The only reason I’m typing up this blog and not her is because she can be a little shy. Also, I learned how to type on a computer while she often gets too distracted by the mouse. Go figure!

Anyway, we’ve spent our whole two years together in and out of fosters. We’ve loved our time there, but it seemed like we just couldn’t find our permanent happy home. So, when word got around that we would be picked for a transport to New England, we were excited! We’ve been traveling companions our whole lives, and this would be our biggest trip yet! So, off to Maine we went prepared for a fresh start (and possibly much cooler weather.) Who knew that our traveling to the Pine Tree State would only be the stat of the adventure?!

Library Cats

Close up of a cat being held by a woman

Once in Maine, we were taken in by our wonderful friends here at AWS. Because it’s almost summer, it wasn’t as cold as we had expected. However, there was still a bit of a chill in the air. Layla and I started to get excited when were checked in because it felt like we had finally made it to our final destination. (Other than our home of course!) However, it wasn’t long before we learned that we had been chosen for another important mission. Turns out, Layla and I would be library cats!

You see, the Kennebunk Free Library here in AWS’ hometown often fosters cats like us. They took us in, let us free roam around the books, and we’ve met so many new people. It’s been quite the journey! As traveling companions and siblings, we’re happy to have made this journey together. Now, we feel like we’re finally ready to find our happy home! We’ve settled in wonderfully here at the library and they have been so welcoming. They even post about us and say so many nice things!

“Layla and Felix have settled right in with us! Layla has grown comfortable spending time outside of her hiding cubbies, and has decided the comfy bed of the cat condo is her preferred space. This girl loves to get pets! Felix is often on the move testing out toys, rubbing against legs, and making sure our book carts are in working order. He won’t pass up a good nap in the sunbeams! Layla, meanwhile, prefers the coziness of the underneath of chairs. We absolutely love having them both here! These cuddly, little friends do need a home together, though. If you are considering welcoming a pair of cats into your family, come meet them and see if they’re the right fit for you!”

Kennebunk Free Library

Journey Home

Layla and I have been through so much together and have traveled around quite a bit. From strays on the streets of Texas, to foster kittens, to traveling to Maine, and now library cats up for adoption, we’ve earned our happy ending! Help us make our last journey home by adopting us today. I promise we’re both full of love, snuggles, and have lots of room in our hearts for you. We’ll always be the two traveling companions, but it’s time to finally plant roots. We can’t wait to find love here in Maine and become a part of a family like yours. Please call the Kennebunk Free Library at (207) 985-2173 to learn more about adopting us. Or, better yet, come visit us during their open hours. We love to meet new people!