Shelly Has Some Questions

Hi there! My name is Shelly and I’m a 14-year-old cat who is currently looking for my happy home. I have some questions that need answers, but we’ll get to that part in a minute!

I’m being fostered by the Kennebunk Free Library here in Kennebunk, ME and so when AWS asked if I wanted to be the newest blog writer, all I asked was “can I do it from a public computer?” Of course they said ‘yes,’ and so here I am with my paws to the keys typing away surrounded by the calm and quiet of the books and local people reading and researching. Which is actually the perfect environment for me since I like things slow, calm, and without a lot of hustle and bustle. I feel right at home!

Of course, I’m not technically home and I would like to find my perfect one and be a part of a special family like yours. Since I’m in my golden years of life, I don’t need much. Just a warm bed, a sunny window, and lots of love from my human companions. That’s all a girl like me could ask for!

And speaking of asking for things, did you know that today is National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? I know right… I didn’t know it was a holiday either! But I looked it up and apparently today is all about encouraging pet owners and cat people to look at their feline friends and find answers to their most pressing questions. So, you may be thinking, what does a cat wonder about? Well, my friends, I can tell you! I have many questions and maybe you can answer them for me!

Shelly’s questions
  • How do birds fly? Why do they fly? How can I reach them up there?
  • Why is a computer ‘mouse’ called a mouse when it doesn’t look like a mouse at all?!
  • What is a ‘nose boop’ and why do people keep doing it to me?
  • How exactly do you capture my face inside those small rectangle things you carry around all day?
  • How can I advocate for more salmon-flavored things? Everything should taste like salmon!
  • And why am I not allowed to display by butt prominently on the counter? I mean, I’m just trying to clean myself!            
  • Perhaps my most important question, though, is: how does a cat like me get adopted?

After all, I’m gentle, kind, quiet, clean and I love to nap and snuggle. I would make a wonderful new companion and best friend, just ask the fine folks here at the library! Give them a call at (207) 985-2173, or come visit during their open hours to come and meet me! Perhaps you can answer my all my most pressing questions!