The Best of Both Worlds

Snowball: Hi there! My name is Snowball and I’ve been chosen by my friends here to be the spokesperson for this special Pet of the Week blog! You see, I’ve been featured on the blog before and so I know my way around a keyboard. Also, my friends can be a bit shy, so I thought I’d help us all out by kicking off this week’s blog!

Storm & Leon: Thank you Snowball!

Snowball: No problem my cute and clever cat companions! You see, all three of us are special guys and gals because we like to be indoor/outdoor cats who will work as a mouser and natural pest control agent by day, but then a cozy and loving house cat by night. We wouldn’t call ourselves “working cats,” but we would still be happiest with access to the outdoors and time spent with ourselves to explore.

Storm: However, that doesn’t mean we don’t love our people! I know I can be a bit shy at first, but I still want a warm and loving home.

Leon: I agree! I can be a bit nervous at first, but once I’ve established by homebase and come to trust my people, I really am a loyal and loving friend!

Snowball: So true friends! We all struggle with personal space and getting comfortable at home, but once we open up and blossom, we’re awesome companions! I, for one, love attention and treats and will roll around on the floor for some belly rubs. I still yearn for those outdoors adventures and time spent climbing trees, but I also don’t mind watching some movies on the couch. The way I see it, we’re the best of both worlds! A worker by day, and a cuddler by night!  

Storm: Yes absolutely! We just want to be home in time for the holidays!

Leon: Definitely! I can’t wait to warm my fur by the fire.

Snowball: Despite my name, I also would love a cozy fire or heater to cuddle up to. We just need some special homes who understand our needs and wants. And with Christmas right around the corner and so much magic and goodwill in the air, I know our wishes can come true! We just need to wish extra hard and get some good word in with Santa Paws.

Storm: Well, that shouldn’t be hard… animals like us always make the nice list!

Snowball: How true! So, what do you all think out there? Want to give me or either of my friends here a try? I promise we’re just as loving and loyal as any pet and we’ll fill your home with so much joy. Just give AWS a call or stop on by to meet us today! We’re all waiting for you.

Snowball, Leon, & Storm: MEOW and Happy Holidays!