Kid’s Challenge!

Children and families: ’tis the season to bring good cheer and tidings! All week long, we’re challenging you to bring happiness and a little festive fun to the animals in your life and here at AWS by being extra good caretakers. Whether it’s your family pet at home or the pets still waiting for theirs, we have a helpful daily challenge all leading up to our annual Kid’s Holiday Party this Friday, December 22!

Help make the lives of our animals better by completing these daily challenges. And don’t forget to tell us all about them and even bring some in for donations under the tree when you visit us during the party!

Challenge One: Kitty Cleaning & Spa

If you have a cat at home, we encourage you to do a little kitty cleaning time by assisting in scooping the cat-box, sweeping up the litter, and making your cat’s space look clean and tidy. After all, no one likes a dirty bathroom! You can also give your feline friend a good spa day by helping brush their coat, clip their nails, change out new food and water, and leave them feeling fresh and happy just in time for Santa Paws!

Challenge Two: Enrichment for Shelter Cats

Our cats love to spend their time playing and working their brains while they wait for their happy homes, so we challenge you to make some homemade enrichment toys for our feisty felines! You can use anything from an old sock, to a paper towel roll, to pieces of felt and fabric laying around your home. Check out how to make these easy catnip toys by downloading our At-Home Project Guide for ideas and easy instructions. And don’t forget to bring your cat toys in during our Holiday Party so you share them with our feline friends!

Challenge Three: Recycled Toys & Treats

Do you have a small animal at home? If so, we challenge you to save some recycling around your house that could be used as toys and treats for your furry friend. With all the holiday cooking and shopping, materials like egg cartons, milk cartons, wrapping paper rolls, paper towels, shoe boxes, and more could all be used to make enrichment toys and obstacles for animals like mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats! You can learn how to make some of these fun toys by downloading our At-Home Project Guide, or by coming up with your own fun ideas and original designs!

Challenge Four: Research Some Tasty Treats

We challenge you to dig a little deeper and do some research into what foods different small animals like to eat. Carrots, for example, are a special treat for rabbits, but shouldn’t be given to them too often. What other fresh foods could a rabbit eat? How about guinea pigs, or a hamster? Once you have a good list of healthy foods, ask an adult to help you purchase some groceries for our resident smalls and bring them in as a donation. It will make our smallest of furry friends so happy this holiday!

Challenge Five: Extra Special Dog Walk

If you have a dog at home or somewhere in your life, we challenge you to take your canine companion on an extra special walk! With an adult, walk your dog down a road or place they have never been before such as a new beach, a different neighborhood, or an unexplored walking trail through the woods. For some holiday fun, perhaps walk your dog at dusk and spy all the Christmas lights in your area. Dogs ‘see’ the world through their nose, so don’t forget to let them sniff along the way!

Challenge Six: Make Some Homemade Goodies

Our resident dogs are always looking for their next tasty treat, and so we challenge you to make some delicious and easy homemade dog treats that you can give as a gift to our canine friends. Our At-Home Project Guide has some helpful and simple recipes for you and your family to try, or you can research your own. If you do find your own recipe, we just ask that you include the ingredient list. Then, bring your goodies to our Holiday Party to share. Our doggy pals can’t wait to taste your delicious treats!

Challenge Seven: PARTY!

All week long, we’ve been challenging you and your families to spread a little holiday cheer and joy to the animals in your life and here at AWS by completing tasks or making items. Now that the day of our Annual Kid’s Holiday Party has arrived (December 22 @ 2pm!), it’s time to share your hard work with our resident pets! As your last challenge, we invite you to have some fun and spread even more holiday magic by joining us for the party and bringing along your homemade goodies. Whether it’s cat toys, dog treats, or some tasty snacks for our smalls, you can see firsthand how your donations make a difference! Thank you for your work and dedication to making all the animals in your life happy and joyous this holiday season!