Technology Makes a Difference

It’s no secret that being a volunteer or foster for AWS makes a big difference for the pets in our facility. Volunteers not only help clean, run errands, and answer phones, they are also a great contact point for potential adopters outside the shelter. And in our modern world where social media is everywhere and iPhones are our lifelines, volunteers are more important than ever. Why? Because like almost everyone, they have access to the technology that helps get pets adopted. And technology makes a difference!

Hit Record

It may seem insignificant, but taking photos and videos of our animals outside the shelter is an amazing adoption tool. Perhaps you’ve taken one of our dogs out on a doggy date? Take some photos! Maybe you are fostering some guinea pigs and are letting them run around and play? Shoot a video! Even if you’re in our shelter cleaning cat spaces or snuggling with kittens, hit record! Any type of content can be used for our various social media platforms to help get a pet adopted.

When potential adopters see an animal behaving like a pet outside of AWS, they are more likely to reach out. Due to many factors, animals can behave differently in shelter environments and not show their true colors. When out and about either walking around town or relaxing in someone’s home, pets tend to open up. This is our window of opportunity! Since most of us have our phones just at an arm’s reach, it’s easier than ever to showcase adoptable pets. Even if your foster dog or cat is just snoozing on the couch, a cute video of them snoring can go a long way. This is why technology make a difference in the modern animal care world.

Have Fun!

What’s wonderful about being a modern volunteer is that a lot of the technological benefits are fun! After all, who doesn’t like taking photos of an adorable dog? Most of us fill our phones with pictures of our pets anyway, so what’s one more cute cat photo after all? When fostering, dog walking, or even cleaning for AWS, it’s nice to know you can make a difference by simply snapping a picture of a pet. What a fun way to give back!

For those who aren’t camera shy, we also love selfies! Taking photos of yourself with an adoptable animal is also a great marketing tool. People love to know that the pet they’re adopting is friendly and sociable, and what better way to show that than with a selfie! Whether you’re fostering overnight, out for a dog date, or cuddling in our cat rooms, you can always take a quick selfie with our pets. Have fun with your photoshoots!

*Due to certain circumstances, please keep in mind that not every pet can have their photo shared online. When signing up to be foster/volunteer, we will always let you know if an animal in your care can have their photo taken.