One Day Sessions

We are pleased to offer one day classes for those who can’t commit to a six week schedule. These sessions, which come in both single hour installments and full day installments, offer a fun, new perspective on a variety of canine training topics. Canine attendees should be Basic Obedience graduates and/or have experience in group class settings.

One Hour Sessions

Have an hour to learn a new trick or two? Have fun in just a short time! Unless otherwise noted, classes take place once, for an hour. Registration is $25.

We are offering some special One Day One Hour classes this holiday season as part of our Reindeer Games.

Day Long Sessions

Max out your time at AWS by spending the day with us! You and your canine companion will learn a lot and enjoy spending quality time together. Throughout the day, there will be plenty of breaks and time for lunch. Dogs will excel in these sessions if they have the attention and stamina to learn progressively throughout the day. Registration is $125.

Next day long session coming soon!