One Day Sessions

We are pleased to offer one day classes for those who can’t commit to a six week schedule. These sessions, which come in both single hour installments and full day installments, offer a fun, new perspective on a variety of canine training topics. Canine attendees should be Basic Obedience graduates and/or have experience in group class settings.

One Hour Sessions

Have an hour to learn a new trick or two? Have fun in just a short time! Unless otherwise noted, classes take place once, for an hour. Registration is $25.

*NEW* REINDEER GAMES – O COME, ALL YE FAITHFUL: RELIABLE RECALL: In this one day, one hour class, we will cover the important do’s and don’ts of teaching your dog to reliably come on command. You will practice how to make coming when called a fun and rewarding experience for your faithful companion.
Saturday, Dec 15: 12:45 pm

*NEW* WINTER FUN ON THE TRAILS!: When the holidays are over, come out for a winter walk with your canine pal, on the trails at AWS. Come prepared with your’s and your dog’s winter gear, such as snow shoes, snow pants, yak traks for you and mushers wax, jacket for your pup. Hopefully there will be enough snow to build a few jumps or a tunnel and bridge.
Sunday, Feb 10: 10 am

Full Day Sessions

Max out your time at AWS by spending the day with us! You and your canine companion will learn a lot and enjoy spending quality time together. Throughout the day, there will be plenty of breaks and time for lunch. Dogs will excel in these sessions if they have the attention and stamina to learn progressively throughout the day. Dogs should be 6 months or older, have previously taken a Basic Obedience class and be comfortable spending time in close proximity to other active, moving dogs. Registration is $125.

CANINE FITNESS FUN! WAYS TO KEEP YOUR DOG ACTIVE: Come join our recently certified Canine Conditioning Coaches for a  6 hour workshop to learn ways to keep your dog active and fit. AWS instructors, Lisa and Karen, recently completed Canine Conditioning Coach certifications with world-renowned trainer Kyra Sundance, and are excited to share some fun ideas they learned! Through stretches, games and tricks you will see your dog gain more confidence, coordination, attention, strength, and directional skills. These conditioning exercises help improve a dog’s overall fitness and focus. You will learn how to incorporate equipment and props that you can build, buy, and find at home to keep your companion active. This is the perfect workshop if you are looking for new ways to keep your dog physically and mentally fit, especially when we are stuck indoors due to inclement weather.
Sunday, Jan 6th: 9 am – 4 pm

*NEW*WINTER BLUES BUSTING WORKSHOP: Brush off those dreary winter blues with a day of learning and activity with your dog! Through conditioning exercises, games, obstacles, nose work, tricks and fun exercises, your dog will gain confidence and focus while refreshing their obedience skills. Sprinkled throughout the day will be information and education about dogs, including how dogs see, smell and learn, scientific studies with dogs that help us better understand them, interesting canine trivia, training tips and more!
Sunday, Feb 24th: 9 am – 4 pm

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