Pet of the Week

Monroe the Library Cat

Hello all you humans! My name is Monroe and I’m a friendly, playful, and handsome silver cat (if I do say so myself) who is ready to find my happy home! I’m currently soaking up the sunshine from my personal…

Close-up of two guinea pigs cuddling together in a hut.

What About Guinea Pigs?

Hello! Hi! Our names are Jonathan and Jimmy and we’re a bonded pair of brothers who can’t wait to find our happy new home together! February has been such a crazy month so far here at AWS with it being…

A brown dog looks up at the camera happily

There’s so Much to Love with Aurora!

Hello! My name is Aurora and I’m a happy-go-lucky girl who is so excited to be featured on this blog! February is such a busy month right now at AWS being Pet Dental Health Month, and Adopt a Rabbit Month,…

Two rabbits are held next to each other wearing wedding clothes for Adopt a Rabbit Month

Adopt a Rabbit Month

Hello! Our names are Jupiter and Luna and we’re two bonded bunnies who are looking for our happy, new home together! We’re both Rex rabbits which means we’re medium sized, very friendly, and super soft. Like, very soft. You’ll love…

A fluffy dog looking happy during a walk in the snow

Karhu’s Looking for his Happy Home!

Hello everyone! My name is Karhu and I’m a two-year-old Akita who is looking for my new, happy home. I’ve actually been on the blog before way back in November 2023, when I was rooting for Team Dog during Giving…

white rabbit

Keep it Mellow!

Hi friends! Have you ever heard of a rabbit having a blog before? I hadn’t either until I was asked by my friends here at AWS if I wanted to write one. Of course I said ‘yes!’ because who wouldn’t…

orange cat poses on gray floor

Charlie’s Little Corner of the World

Hi there, everybody! It’s so cool to meet you! My name is Charlie and as you can see, I’m a handsome, young, and perfect orange feline who can’t wait to talk about myself… I mean introduce myself. I’m only two-years-young…

close up of brown and tan dog's face

New Year, Same Tahoe!

Hello my adoring fans! My name is Tahoe and I’m so excited to be this week’s featured pet! It seems like the past month has been a whirlwind with holiday plannings, parties, and now the New Year. Time moves differently…

Close up of a grey and white cate named Storm whose name is on the photo.

The Best of Both Worlds

Snowball: Hi there! My name is Snowball and I’ve been chosen by my friends here to be the spokesperson for this special Pet of the Week blog! You see, I’ve been featured on the blog before and so I know…

A brown and white dog smiles with their eyes closed and tongue out.

A Grateful Daisy

Hi there! My name is Daisy and I’m a 5-year-old pup who has been looking for my happy new home here at AWS. My life’s been a journey but I’m so grateful to be where I am today so I…

Close up of a white cat with green eyes looking directly at the camera.

Melt Snowball’s Heart

Why, hello there humans! My name is Snowball and I’m a handsome, 5-year-old cat who is ready to find my happy home with someone special like you. I’m super excited to be on the blog this week because I feel…

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